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Day of Living Dangerously February 6, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies, sci-fi, sense of wonder, steampunk, VIPub, writing.

Filled to the hilt so far with meetings and lunch. Started with the “conspiracy” group this morning, left early and went to a lecture Johnny Boggs gave at the Southwest Writers’ meeting right after. Always an entertaining speaker, he told the more than 150 people all about writing dialogue, how he relied on dialogue in movies as examples and generally imparted a lot of useful info on using dialogue to drive plots and characterization. Next month’s speaker is good buddy Don Bullis and I have no idea what he’s speaking on, but he is a fount of anecdote and wisdom. For the wannabe mystery writer, Don is an invaluable resource–he used to be a deputy sheriff and worked at NM DPS where he compiled biographies of police officers slain in the line of duty.

After that, I had lunch with the inimitable Scott Phillips and we discussed co-editing an idea Scott came up with–an anthology of stories about crappy jobs. Got pretty decent lineup of authors and artist Keith Rainville, who did such great design work for Scott’s Tales of Misery and Imagination

Look for more on this in the near future. And, of course, a half dozen other running chainsaws are being juggled. Work proceeds apace on Golden Reflections, the God of War
galleys are supposed to reach me on Monday, got “The Transmogrification Ray” finished for Jean Rabe’s steampunk anthology and am working on my first story to be used in a VIPub idea Mike Stackpole and Jeff Mariotte thunk up about doing a chain story set at the Wanderers’ Club. More on this in the future.

And now it’s time for me to…get to work.



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