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Wanting it All.. February 4, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, web & computers, writing.

…or is it just Apple vision? More precisely, Steve Jobs’ vision. The iPad threw chip makers Intel and Qualcomm a curve by putting a proprietary chip, the A4
into the mix. The reason is simple. Apple wants to control the instructions and keep them from being open sourced (until somebody hacks the instruction set, of course). But this gives Apple a great freedom to do as they see fit.

Even better, they can use the same chip in the iPhone. If the numbers are right, they might sell 300-500 million iPhones worldwide and upward of 5 million iPads in the next year. Why share the bounty with Intel if you can keep it yourself.

I don’t know where the A4 is fabricated but since 85% of Intel’s business is overseas and Taiwan Semiconductor’s share is even greater over the brineys, it might be that Jobs wants to keep things close at hand. After the purchase of PA Semi Apple is moving into the vertically integrated mode. Design the System-on-Chip processor, make it, put the chip in a lot of products, sell through your company stores–Apple will control the hardware. With the iBook and iTunes stores out there, it is finding channels for content. I’d say look for a big push by Apple to put college textbooks on the iPad.

As the ball is in the content providers’ court, some of us are working to smash it back. Legends is gearing up to sell Mike Stackpole and Fred Saberhagen books as well as my own in ePub format as well as iPhone/iPod Touch format.

If you’ve got an iPhone, here’s a freebie mystery novel for you. Resonance of Blood
Coming soon: ePub editions readable on most anything, including the Kindle, Sony and other readers.



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