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Stick It February 3, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, sci-fi, science, sense of wonder.

I sometimes think about which superpower I’d like, but Spiderman isn’t one of them. Spewing sticky webstuff or walking on the walls or across the ceiling hardly seems worth the effort. X-ray vision, ditto. If I’m going for a superpower, telepathy would be up there (as long as I could turn it off). But it looks as if comic books are being upstaged again.

Sticky stuff might allow you to become Spidey. What I wonder is how much strength it would take to peel it off so you could move, hand/hand/foot/foot or maybe on your knees. If it’s strong enough to hold you up, are you strong enough to peel it off? Or would the plaster support your weight? Considering how obese Americans are (by reports) you wouldn’t want folks edging around over your head–just in case the dry wall gave way.

We’ve got millimeter wave machines at airports that can see through your clothes, now a sticky substance that’d let you creep across the ceiling. Flying is kinda taken by individual rocket packs, even if it isn’t all that satisfying a substitution for Superman (btw, how does Supes fly? Levitation? What is the exact mechanism since speed doesn’t come into it if he can hover…)

Invisibility is getting closer. I’m not sure how good the mind reading devices are but these things are getting closer. Super strength is available to anyone–just choose the type of machine you want. No idea how close we are to Ironman exoskeletons. What’s left of the comic superpowers we haven’t at least edged around developing?



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