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The Brain Pirates February 1, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in sci-fi, sense of wonder, writing.

Now that is a title. How can you see that on the cover of Thrilling Wonder and not want to read it? And it was by John W Campbell! But this is only a bit of eye candy in io9, an e-zine I hadn’t seen before.

I want to direct you would be writers to the article surrounding the lovely pulp covers. While I could quibble with some of the points, mostly they are well taken. #9 is especially on target. If you’re bogged down, you haven’t thought through what’s going on and who the characters are populating your story. To get around this, I always write a synopsis for every story, no matter how short. I did a synopsis longer than a bit of flash fiction once since it helped focus what the story was and where I really wanted to go. Moving, cutting, adding is a lot easier in a synopsis than after you begin writing.

Mostly, the idea of being prolific (and determined) works for me. You can’t give up. Keep submitting. Eventually something will click in both your writing and the markets. Of course, along with “being prolific” is trying to improve your writing. This is hinted at in #11. Don’t do the same things over and over. Most experiments fail, but the ones that succeed are worth the effort.

Time for me to get to work on a short story that has been stewing about for a month or two now. “The Transmogrification Ray” is now activated!



1. martha martin - February 1, 2010

Yep, I’ve succumbed to the dirt side. How can such an overall boring game be addictive?

I got paid today for the grab bar article ($25) and I’ve sent off my third to http://www.specialiving.com. Pretty cool that I was asked by the editor to write it!

I like your comments in this post. I will attempt to do as suggested.

Alas, am suffering from first exacerbation of the MS since last Feb. Once a year I can handle. Yoda I am sounding like.

I’ll stop now.

OH! There’s a new gal at the American Academy of Professional Coders. She’s been quite nice about my pointing out their numerous typos in the power point presentations. She’s going to ask if they need an editor!

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