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All the Colors of A … January 30, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in dinosaurs, science.


This is amazing stuff. By looking at the melanosomes scientists have figured out this particular dino had a ring tail with alternating dark and reddish-orange bands. A ginger boy dinosaur? Wonder if it could quaff a pint of Guinness and sing bawdy ballads while doing a river dance? Or, considering the location of this dino, whatever it is they dance in the Gobi? The idea that speculation is possible without having found the actual colored tail fascinates me.

How much of this is guesswork and how much is actual? How do you ever do an experiment to know? Biology stuff is mostly a mystery to me when it comes to DNA and figuring out what’s what is less visible than dark matter. Considering that it has hardly been 60 years since Watson & Crick, progress has been astounding. Some of that has to be attributed to computers, of course, but the migration of talent from the physical sciences is probably a bigger factor.

I also saw but can’t find now an article that feathers developed before flight, probably as a mating gimmick rather than for insulation or flapping about.

What a pillow that would make. A dinosaur feather pillow. And it would have to have stripes in dark and reddish-orange, of course.



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