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Better to try and die… January 29, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, movies & TV, space.

…than never to try at all. It was on this day in 1986 when the Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch.

And it was a couple days ago when the manned space program, specifically the return to the Moon, was killed. There are good reasons for returning to the Moon and establishing a base there. Earth’s gravity well is hard to climb out of and the Moon (especially a Moon base where the women all had purple hair and tight silver lame outfits ) would have given a small gravity to work in along with a permanent structure possibly furnishing supplies for the trip to Mars.

So much for that dream.

From all this, I am hoping for reality to come to some of those 1950s stories where a high school kid builds an ftl engine in his attic. Or somebody–obviously this is too serious and complicated for the gummint to deal with–figures out a cheap way to orbit and then to the planets. I don’t care if there aren’t showers of diamonds on Uranus or carbon seas on Neptune floating with diamond icebergs or even hydrocarbon seas on Titan. I certainly don’t care if Mars looks like your driveway back home. I just want to see it. Firsthand. Or somebody gets to see it soon.

Maybe the dream is alive in China or India. In a post-American world, it might be up to the new leaders to return to space. At least we were there for the first steps. Now is it time for us to use our walkers (made in China), go off to the old folks home and die, warmed by fading memories of decades old glory?

Me, I’m still waiting for that first launch at Spaceport America next year. Go, Virgin Galactic, go! Sign me up for Mars. A decent engine will get us there faster.



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