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When In Rome… January 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies.

…don’t get drunk and stand in fountains. But if you followed this advice, the plot of the movie When In Rome would fall apart. I generally don’t like rom-coms. One of the few I ever have liked and I have no idea why, is Sleepless in Seattle and that is weird because the two main characters have almost no screen time together.

Not so in When in Rome. Kristen Bell is marvelous to look at and Josh Duhamel has a kind of goofy likability that makes their scenes together fun. This isn’t the best movie ever but it certainly qualifies (for me) as a guilty pleasure. The supporting cast is quite good. Anjelica Huston, Danny DiVito (how he can be so obnoxious and likable at the same time is the secret to his screen presence. Throw Mama From the Train has one of the best scenes ever when he is showing Billy Crystal his coin collection. I almost cried. And Other People’s Money works on so many levels that it is a minor classic), Jon Heder as the nutso magician (and “Pedro” as his assistant–from Napoleon Dynamite) and the others all add to the goofiness.

The plot is transparent but it’s a rom-com, fer pete’s sake. They actually put some thought into the gimmick and made it work, which was nice.

Costuming gets an A and Kristen Bell gets an A+ for making it all look so elegant.

Harmless fun. And yeah, I’d probably watch it again when it comes on cable. As I said, a guilty pleasure.



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