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It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No, It’s… January 27, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, sense of wonder.

Ekranoplan Thanks to Moshe Feder for bringing this to my attention.  It looks like a nightmare of a seaplane, sort of the Spruce Goose designed on a Russian Five-Year Plan.  The amphibian car I mentioned earlier (go look–it’s only a couple blogs down) is obviously meant for a consumer market.  This one is meant for…invasion?

Jim Young also mentioned a ground effects machine used in an Orbitz commercial.  GEM are old hat and I can’t imagine riding around atop a leaf blower.  I certainly couldn’t imagine the noise this puppy would kick out, but then turbine engines were seriously discussed twenty years ago.  Want to toast your toes?  And knees and everything below the waist?  Walk behind a turbine-powered car exhaust.  The metallurgy for such a turbine was dicey at best and probably needed to be ceramic, which causes different problems.  But people were thinking–and still are, I suspect.  Flex car engines are a step in the right direction, but if Ford in Brazil can make and sell them, why not here?  (We all know the answer to that, of course.)

Other items.  God of War has been approved.  Yea!  Talks in progress about other projects.  Yea!

And hip hip hooray!  The iPad is being introduced as I write this.  Very interested in this.  Anyone out there interested in subscribing to an iPad magazine?  Is this where you’d want to read a newspaper?  I’m still waiting to see what the MS Courier is like but this is exciting stuff to me.

Another movie tonight and back to editing on Golden Reflections now.



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