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Not Exactly a flying car but… January 26, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in inventions, sense of wonder.

…it’s getting close. I always thought the underwater car sequence in, ulp brain fart–the one with Caroline Munro– The Spy Who Loved Me was pretty lame. But this amphibian car looks pretty sprightly, even if it doesn’t submerge and fire torpedoes and all that James Bondy stuff. But one variety apparently does come with a bikini’d blonde on the hood

I can’t help but think such omni-vehicles are curiosities rather than useful devices, unless you lived on an island where ferry service was spotty. Even then, would you want to take out the Gator is a choppy sea? I don’t think so. Capsize this and you give new meaning to the ancient term “turning turtle.” There might be more utility in an air/land car but with drunk drivers and simply bad drivers out there sexting behind the wheel, do we really want them in the air, too?

Now a car that could drive through walls–that would be special. Set the force field in such a way and it could end collisions entirely. You’d simply go through the offending car. No more need for a trafficator, such as Dilbert used in the lamentably short animated series TV run. Gridlock? Turn on the field and drive through. If everyone had such a device, there wouldn’t be traffic jams at all. Of course, the problem might come in field failure while you and another mass occupied the same space, but hey, there are problems and there are problems to be solved. What’s a total conversion of the mass of a car (and driver) into energy compared to convenience?

The wonderful world of editing awaits.

Glub glub and full speed ahead, skipper!



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