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Edge of Darkness January 26, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in movies.

Saw this tonight in a not-all-that-well attended sneak preview.  Got to admit Mel Gibson may be crazy as a loon but he can still put together a taut performance.  Scene by scene this was gripping and satisfying, especially since the bad guys got theirs.  Mostly Mel looks like an action hero rather than some androgynous blob trying to look tough.  I mean, come on, Orlando Bloom is probably a better actor but Keira Knightly was obviously the macho lead in the Pirates movies.

That said, the plot is basically the type I hate to hell and back.  Conspiracy is piled on top of conspiracy (I think) until there is no telling what’s being done by whom or even why.  The best I can tell DARPA is a terrorist organization building A-bombs in the US for distribution to unnamed terrorists abroad.  Only the company doing this is a private company (and there was a fantasy element–the bad guy is a Republican senator from Massachusetts).  Ray Winstone plays his usual smarmy bad guy but too many threads get knotted up here.  They try to kill Mel by thallium poisoning, which is somehow radioactive, so he’s dying and they still decide to taser him and take him to a lab to be experimented on, only they try to shoot him and run him over and frame him for murder along the way.  And this isn’t even mentioning the shadowy Brit assassin who is dying of something but we don’t know what who was supposed to kill him and didn’t or his partner who sells him out, but it doesn’t matter anyway since…you get the idea.

I can say this is as consistent logically as Signs.  That’s an insult, btw.

Nice action scenes, Mel shoots his way through the film in good form, only there’s no telling what it all means.

Don’t cringe.  Tomorrow is When in Rome.  But it’s got Kristen Bell in it so I might take earplugs and just watch…



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