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You Ever Have One of Those Days? January 23, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in space.

While nothing like this, getting a hunk of space rock dumped on your head, or at least your dentist’s office, it’s been like that. I have somehow lost a piece of my financial program–the part allowing me to jump over to different databases. I don’t seem to have lost data but the ability to use other sets of data is, well, useful. I found a good website that might provide me with info–this is an old program dating back to the early ‘90s but, as they say, you can find everything on the web.

But space rocks as a threat makes me wonder. This article says a 100 fatalities a year occur from getting beaned by meteorites. Considering that it wasn’t until the 20th Century that anyone believed rocks could even fall from the sky, this is pretty astounding. (If you don’t believe something, it’s not true, right? Solipsists form their line wherever they want.) Is the number increasing as population increases? Or have lots of people been killed and it was just written off as weird or has somebody been sent to the Big House for murder when it was really a bullet-sized rock that did the victim in? “Honest, Officer, it was a rock from space that killed him!”

Or maybe a guy going supersonic from outer space.

But other idiot computer program (not hardware) problems beset me. I get mss and work on them. So far, I’ve got two different ones this week that Word won’t open. I patched it to read docx files, but these weren’t extended that way. Word 2003 just won’t touch ‘em, giving me ugly little squares and not pretty words.

It’s almost enough to make me want to get clobbered by a meteorite to put me out of my misery. Stress is building over a lot of things beyond my control–but I want to control them. Not a good combination. Should I start wearing an inch thick steel plate instead of my usual tinfoil hat to keep those space rocks from smashing into my head? I am thinking about grounding myself anyway since the battery in my bedside clock went dead last night. Maybe it drained into my brain? Tick tock tick tock, we haf ways of making you tock…

Back to coping with files that won’t open and financial programs that mysteriously corrupted themselves yesterday after working just fine for almost 20 years.

And it’s snowing. Again.



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