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A New Steaming Pile… January 20, 2010

Posted by bobv451 in steampunk, Uncategorized, writing.

…my new blog site. I will continue posting to MySpace and will see how automating all this goes, but the old blog was increasingly irritating. I’ll see how WordPress performs (as long as the tricks don’t include rolling over and playing dead), but it looks like something to explore for a while–meaning the learning curve might confound me until I put in the time to use it properly. That might be interpreted to mean I’m dumb. Go with it, if it works for you. Mostly, I don’t have more than a few minutes at a time to fool around with new programs.

Why, you might ask. After all I’m not sitting indolently on my porch and watching Martian sunsets as I sip my pangalactic gargleblaster. Yesterday was spent on the phone. My usual “omg, I have too much work” was transformed into the other polarity, “omg, I don’t have any work.” My doughty agent took care of that latter panic with a new contract. And then followed up with an email asking how long it would take to finish another proposal that’s been sitting on (multiple) editors’ desks for six months or so.

My reading progresses on things steampunk and I’ll get down to writing “The Transmogrification Ray” in a couple days when I finish the synopsis. Yes, friends, I really do a synopsis for even short stories. Needed still is background on superconductivity and Kamerlingh-Onnes back in 1911.

But still more work is ahead getting a chapbook put together for the Ren Faire gig. More learning curve stuff to get “A Time for Steel” whipped into shape, along with a decent cover and some supporting maunderings about how it came to be written and Jean Rabe’s astute editing on same.

Not much for a first excursion into WordPress, I know, but will get into the swing of things tomorrow. Got a nifty topic to go off on. But that may change…




1. Pierce Watters - January 21, 2010

Woo hoo. Welcome to Word Press. I was hoping you would move away from the MySpace page. I’ve got 4 blogs with WP and very happy with them.


2. martha martin - January 21, 2010

I’ll be updating the links on my blog. Jeez, thanks for telling me!


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